Anxious about facilitating others?

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Join Niko and Evan live for support, EFT Tapping &

Inner Child Work


  • Address the layers of fear that can come up when working with others, even if they are friends or practice clients.

  • Discover and release unconscious beliefs and stressors that hold you back from getting started with your first clients or practice partners.

  • Understand and resolve common forms of resistance such as feeling "not ready yet," constant distraction, and more.

  • Experience transformative EFT tapping exercises, inner child work and more live on the call to help you move forward successfully.

What others are saying

"This has been an incredibly powerful and mind opening session! Thank you both SO much for your wisdom and time."

"As a mental health therapist of over 20 years and having studied with the founder of EFT tapping, along with other masters in the field, I highly recommend Evan's work for his depth of presence, skill and capacity for healing and transformation."

Your Workshop Hosts

Evan Gregor

Clinical EFT Practitioner

Evan is a certified Clinical EFT facilitator, bringing over seven years of expertise in one-on-one and group sessions, employing diverse emotional work techniques.

Based in New York City, his career as a professional jazz musician enriches his practice with a distinctive blend of attentive listening, improvisational skills, and firsthand experience in navigating the pressures of a demanding, competitive profession.

Niko Ana Jeanne

Founder, Heartshine EFT

Certified in Energy Psychology,

Clinical EFT & Life Coaching

Niko Ana Jeanne has been in the field of healing, transformation and personal spiritual development for 28 years.

She is a narcissistic / generational trauma & inner child healing expert. She helps spiritual entrepreneurs tap into peace, purpose and prosperity by learning to reparent the inner child.

The 1st time I ever had $10,000 in the bank..

"The first time I ever had $10,000 in the bank ​was after going bankrupt. Through G’s guidance ​and applying what he taught  in a very short time, I had $10,000 in the bank. But way more valuable than the material increase is the increase in confidence, peace and fun.I loved this so much, I became a Certified Facilitator of Inner Reconciliation and now I am helping others have the same experience."

John - New York

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