Live Tapping with Evan - Clinical EFT Facilitator

The Unique Beauty of Group Tapping

  • The space created by positive and supportive people

  • The depth of work that happens one-on-one with Evan

  • Opportunities to discover unconscious emotions you would never have thought to bring up

  • The "borrowed benefits" by tapping along with others


All calls will be recorded and available to watch in a library as long as you are an active member

Calls take place on Wednesdays, either 12pm or 5pm Eastern

  • Wednesday 6/5 @ 12pm Eastern

  • Wednesday 6/12 @ 5pm Eastern

  • Wednesday 6/19 @ 12pm Eastern

  • Wednesday 6/26 @ 5pm Eastern

  • Wednesday 7/5 @ 12pm Eastern


Part of my vision is to help demonstrate what effective, transformational emotional work actually looks like.

While I record many tapping rounds and meditations on YouTube, it doesn't compare to what a 1-on-1 facilitation captures.

As such, my intention would be to share some of tapping sessions from these calls on YouTube. You are welcome to have your camera off, not use your real name or anything else that would make it more comfortable for you.

Of course YOUR courage and participation is what makes this possible... and it does help my own young business (I also believe it will benefit the EFT space in general) which is why the price is significantly discounted.

You would be given discretion to email me after a call and ask for something not to be posted, but please consider this 'sharing' as an aspect of this program if you wish to participate.

If I expand this program, or when the price goes up, you'll be grandfathered in at this rate if you stay part of it. For now I am considering this a trial program that I will commit to for the next 3 months

I of course am happy to answer any questions!

If you would like to join but this is not affordable, please email me

"Blown away..."

“As a mental health therapist of over 20 years and having studied with the founder of EFT tapping, along with other masters in the field, I highly recommend Evan’s work for his depth of presence, skill and capacity for healing and transformation.

I first came across him by attending one of his classes, and was blown away by how masterfully he addressed multiple issues at such deep levels. His capacity to hold such a safe and welcoming space to really address challenging situations and traumas is impeccable and amazing.

You will be so pleased at the results of working with him.”

– Marie, LMSW

Your Host

Evan Gregor

Clinical EFT Practitioner

Evan is a certified Clinical EFT facilitator, bringing over 10 years of expertise in one-on-one and group sessions with a compassionate but precise approach to emotional work.

Based in New York City, his career as a professional jazz musician enriches his practice with a distinctive blend of attentive listening, improvisational skills, and firsthand experience in navigating the pressures of a demanding, competitive profession.

The 1st time I ever had $10,000 in the bank..

"The first time I ever had $10,000 in the bank ​was after going bankrupt. Through G’s guidance ​and applying what he taught  in a very short time, I had $10,000 in the bank. But way more valuable than the material increase is the increase in confidence, peace and fun.I loved this so much, I became a Certified Facilitator of Inner Reconciliation and now I am helping others have the same experience."

John - New York

If you would like to join but this is not affordable, please email me

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